How to do a Loop Band Seated Single Arm Row

Authored by Fitbod

About Loop Band Seated Single Arm Row

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Instructions: How To

This exercise targets the back, shoulders, and biceps by mimicking the rowing motion with a loop band. Performed seated, it allows for focused engagement of the muscles and the ability to adjust resistance easily by changing the band tension. This unilateral exercise helps in correcting muscle imbalances and strengthening the core due to the stabilization required during the movement.

  1. Sit on the ground.
  2. Anchor a loop band to something at elbow height.
  3. Grip the loop band.
  4. Adjust the tension on the band by moving closer or farther from the anchor point.
  5. Keep your core engaged, back straight and chest up to maintain proper form and posture.
  6. Post with your non-pulling hand if you need extra support.
  7. Extend your arm toward the anchor point, palm facing the ground.
  8. Engage your back, biceps and rear shoulder to pull your elbow back to your side.
  9. Rotate your wrist as you pull so that it faces up at the end of the movement.
  10. Hold this position for a moment before starting another rep.