How to do a Loop Band Shoulder Internal Rotation

Authored by Fitbod

About Loop Band Shoulder Internal Rotation

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Instructions: How To

This exercise targets the internal rotator muscles of the shoulder, improving strength and stability. With the loop band, it provides a safe and effective method to enhance the muscular balance within the shoulder complex, critical for maintaining joint health and function. It's particularly useful for individuals recovering from shoulder injuries or looking to prevent them.

  1. Secure the loop band to a stable structure and position yourself at a distance that places some tension on the band.
  2. You can adjust the tension in the band by moving closer to or farther away from where the band is secured.
  3. Grasp the loop band in one hand and position it in front of you. Keep your elbow bent 90-degrees and locked in place at your side.
  4. Slowly allow the band to pull your hand to the side while keeping your elbow in place at your side.
  5. Engage your shoulder to arc your hand back in front of you.
  6. Maintain good posture by keeping your core engaged, back straight and chest up.
  7. You should feel this exercise primarily in your shoulder.