How to do a Loop Band Single Arm Archer Pull

Authored by Fitbod

About Loop Band Single Arm Archer Pull

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Instructions: How To

Mimicking the action of drawing a bow, this exercise isolates the upper back, shoulders, and arms with a focus on unilateral strength and stability. The loop band provides adjustable resistance, allowing for a full range of motion and engagement of the muscles in a unique way that promotes balance, coordination, and functional strength. It's especially beneficial for those looking to enhance their pulling capabilities and for athletes in sports requiring strong unilateral upper body strength.

  1. Anchor one band at roughly chin height.
  2. Position yourself so you are facing the anchor.
  3. Grab the band in one hand and stand at a distance where there is no slack in the band.
  4. Pull the band back while keeping your elbow parallel to the ground until your elbow can’t move further.
  5. Hold the position for about a second and then return your arm back to starting position at a normal pace.
  6. Switch to the opposite side after the set is complete.